Cost & Quality Crises







The PDF document below defines, in two pages, the Cost of health care compared to other

large industrialized democracies, the quality problems with our delivery system, the present

level of government funding and the solution that will deliver quality care at the lowest

possible cost. Please download this document and share it with your friends and legislators.



The above document provides a window into the massive paradigm shift that is necessary to

massively cut health care costs while improving quality. A more complete Vision is

presented on this web site. The Road Map describing the steps to take to achieve the is

also presented here.


Health Care Reform must take place over an extended period of time (5 to 7 years) to allow

the Medical-Industrial Complex time to adjust to the massive economic and medical delivery

process changes. Ultimately cutting $1.3 trillion out of the system over a short period would

put millions of health care workers out of a job and cripple the US economy. Imagine what

would happen if Big Pharma simultaneously had it’s drug prices reduced to present Veterans

Administration Formulary levels and most of the unnecessary drug precriptions eliminated.

The Stock Market would have a very bad day.


A slow, steady, progressive evolution of the Revolution is required and is happening now in

progressive, isolated locations. Kaiser is partnering with IBM Watson to provide health care

administered using advanced Electronic Medical Records coupled with Artificial Intelligence

supported medical decision making. Imagine a Health Care System globally compensated for

delivering all health care at todays standard projections, but able to cut up to 40% of the cost

while delivering better quality care.


If you want to learn more, follow Kaiser and IBM Watson.


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