Roger H. Strube, M.D. (retired)


Dr. Strube has practiced medicine as a Family

Practitioner for fourteen years and worked in the

managed care industry for fifteen years for

companies that serve small, medium and large

employers. He has additional experience as a

consultant working with national firms on varied

projects. Following retirement in 2000, he lived

aboard his 49’ catamaran, Millennium Dragon, for

three years. Since moving ashore he has been

deeply involved in national and local community

organizations and activities.


During the ACA (“ObamaCare”) debate, Dr. Strube

wrote “Discovering the Cause and the Cure for

America’s Health Care Crisis.” Few people were

interested in understanding the Quality and

reimbursement issues that lead to the crisis.


With the election of President Trump, the health

care debate has been re-ignited. However most

Republicans and many Democrats fail to effectively

address the Quality Issues, instead focusing on

Insurance Companies in a flawed attempt to

manage the Cost Crisis.

There is a critical need for development, refining and implementation of systems to assure that the medical care

provided is accessible, appropriate, efficacious, efficient, and delivered at the lowest possible cost. The managed

care industry scuttled by special interest groups, lobbyists and politicians failed to meet this challenge. The present

attempt to reform the financial system without addressing core quality and cost issues will fail. The entire

American Medical-Industrial Complex must be re-engineered on both the financing and delivery sides if quality care

and cost effectiveness are to be achieved.

I developed this web site for the lay person to provide an explanation of our inefficient health care financing system

and flawed medical decision making process. It explores those factors that contribute to our financial and quality

 of care crises. I present the way out of the crisis and the vision for the future reformed health care system.

The target audience are those folks most troubled by our health care system and the politicians they elect.

Real reform requires an informed public and a public that demands our leaders are held accountable to improve

our broken health care system. My book, “Discovering the Cause and the Cure for America’s Health Care Crisis”

provides the knowledge regarding what is broken and the vision of our future reformed system.

The information on this web site is organized into several sub-categories listed on the hot buttons upper left. The topics

presented and opinions expressed will provide the reader with some insight regarding the American Health Care crises

of Quality and Cost. I have also included a page containing both a short and long version of my resume. A vision of the future

American Health Care System and a Road Map presenting how to get there is included. An updated business plan for developing

the computer systems necessary to assure quality care at the lowest possible cost, with a history of its development may be found

on the last page.

My book is a memoir, in lay language, telling my life’s story of discovery of the

problems in our health care system and their solution. My vision of the future of

health care is presented in detail. A complete business plan for developing the

necessary technology is presented on this web site.


If you are interested in a deeper understanding of our Quality and Cost health care

crises, my book is available on Amazon/Kindle and through the publisher, iUniverse.


Published by iUniverse available on line at Amazon in both print and ebook versions.


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